For Immediate Release

New York, NY

Gazelle-GoSample!, a global market research panel, data management, and operations company is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement with Lookout Online of Wilmington, NC and its  founder Mr. Bruce Ritch. He will  be  joining forces with Gazelle-GoSample!. Bruce has extensive panel and industry experience , especially in client side services and will utilize the many skills he’s acquired throughout his career at firms such as Greenfield Online, uSamp and Lookout Online. Mr. Ritch will be joining the firm in an advisory business development role as Director, Insight Solutions for Gazelle-GoSample!.

“With our rapid growth and the constant change we live by, Bruce is the right choice to aid in our customer facing priorities and deliver innovative solutions.”

-Jim Whaley General Manager – Insights & Strategy

Gazelle-GoSample! is a Global Online Panel Company and a full-service, marketing research global operations organization. It combines comprehensive research expertise with global research logistical prowess to provide clients with a comprehensive market research back office solution with global reach.  Since 1993, Gazelle has delivered solid and innovative solutions to help clients reach new markets, compete for global research business opportunities, and optimize market research field performance for clients in Healthcare, Information Technology, B2B, and Consumer research on a global scale.  Gazelle-GoSample!’s experienced team of global research logistical specialists, panel managers, data management & technology experts team together to provide comprehensive, efficient and innovative solutions to address the global research practitioner’s demanding needs. For more information about Gazelle-GoSample!, visit

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