Decision support is what you are looking for, but your information needs are unique. Reporting portals, statistical support, crosstabs, or database enrichment, we have the team to get you there.


We help you make your technology perform. Often times our clients are looking to leverage their in-house tools in more effective ways by augmenting their business systems through automation, integration, and customization, while also considering research and feedback best practices.

We can help in a variety of ways to make your tools more useful and provide a greater return on investment.

Big Data? Big Deal. There are so many sources today of customer sentiment and intention, as well as the massive flow on transactional information, that dealing with unstructured data may be a challenge for you. There are tremendous opportunities to leverage these resources and marry customer behavior with feedback and insights.

We can help in a variety of ways from coding and segmenting open ends to text analysis and mining. Using your tools or ours, we can create reporting portals and dashboards or complete customer feedback systems.