Market Research: We can help

With any one component of a project or offer a complete operational solution.

Let us show you…

How our consultative approach can increase your reach and get you more for your budget. We’re passionate about what we do, and it shows. Data collection services, survey programming, market research sample, and a deep passion for providing the best market research solutions available… This is the Gazelle difference.

Engaging Programming Services

From Conjoints to Max Dif Analysis, no question is too complex. 

Accurate survey translation and In-Language Coding

International research is more than just translating a questioniare word-for-word.

Our Services:

  • Sample/Recruiting
  • Survey Programming/Hosting
  • Data Processing
  • In-Language Coding
  • Translations

The Tools We Use:

  • Decipher
  • Dimensions
  • SPSS
  • Quantum
  • Ascribe
  • Programmatic Sample